what makes Orthentic different??

Orthentic is a group of health professionals that have committed themselves to bring what our “higher earning communities” regard as premium products to the rest of the LSM markets but at affordable prices and most of all – the promise to educate and inform! Educate we say?? Yes, cause most “normal” people don’t have any idea that some of our product ingredients even exist or what the benefits are of switching from local “everyday” products to that of organic nature. We have seen what these products do – we have seen it change lives and we were disgusted to see how the availability was only to that of higher earning incomes. These are all gifts from the ground that we all exist on, all of us deserve its riches.

Our range has started from humble expansions. We are not in a hurry to grow the offerings, as an incredible amount of research and work goes into finding the correct farmer/ harvester, then a relationship is nurtured, urging the farmer to focus on the product – to ensure the quality and standards which our group has highlighted as important is met. By controlling the process, we have managed to develop a selective range of standards which our patrons have come to trust. They might not know the farmers or harvesters, but they know about the Orthentic seal. They have come to trust the promise that once a product is offered to the market by Orthentic, that we have urged our farmers to focus on what they do best and allow us to meet the expectations of the South African people.  Systematically our range will expand and we will hopefully be able to offer all the amazing health ranges such as the various super foods, liquids and imports to our people at prices where they can see every effort was made to eliminate all the middle men, to bring them to the direct source at a price which is kind to their homes and budgets.

Organic mumbo jumbo

Products of organic nature is completely chemical free, pesticides free – preservative and additive free. It is in short, the main ingredient in its purest form, without the intervention of human influence (except for that of care taking). When a product states that it is organic, this means that either all or some of the product ingredients are of organic nature. This includes either all or some of the following:  facility/ environment and packaging in which it is manufactured or stored. 75% of SA’s organic produce is exported leaving us with an incredibly big problem – we have to import from other countries in order to keep our organic platform alive. This is one of the biggest reasons for the high price ranges in which we see organic products and produce in the SA market.

Being certified as organic, means that the farmer or producer has paid a certifying agent to evaluate the product, property, facility, process, ingredient and according to the specified governing body,  certifies and identifies that the product or some of its components are organic. This process is incredibly expensive and most farmers/ harvesters cant afford to go through the legalities, so they keep farming with the organic code and ethos and hope that their produce will still be valued as premium quality. Our group is proud to be associated with most of these governing bodies but our promise stands to offer ethical 100% organic products of premium quality, with or without its certification. To make sure your products are indeed of organic nature, its wise to choose a trusted brand that is thoroughly researched and supported, based on their company values and standards. Alternatively, the following  symbols are all trusted within the organic, eco friendly and environmentally friendly industries and are trusted governing entities.

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